Who is Raptor PCS?

Raptor PCS is best known for its low cost computer service, a flat $70.00 fee for most problems except for a few exceptions. addition to that we work to solve the problems that our clients are experiencing  and with our knowledge and abilities other businesses IT personal look to Raptor PCS for answers or to do the work! We are secondly known for our custom pc's of which are affordable and there is nothing propriety about, unlike manufactures like Dell and the others.

What are your hours of operation?

Monday-Friday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM Sunday Closed *Hours may vary due to weather, sickness, or other events, please call 701-772-7626 or check our Facebook Page

What is spyware?

It's a piece of software that enables the spyware to gather information about your computer habits.

What does spyware do?

It's a type of malware that gets installed on your computer without your knowledge its purpose is to collect your information from your computer. This piece of software is usually hidden from you in order to get information about your keystrokes (keylogging) your passwords, your internet habits and any other information it can find.

What is a computer virus?

It's a computer code that has the capability of spreading itself and can have a damaging effect on your computer.

What can computer viruses do?

They can delete, corrupt information from your computer, spread itself by using your e-mail program to spread itself to other users you are sending your e-mail to. They can even go as far as erasing everything on your hard drive. You can get viruses by spreading in e-mails, instant messaging programs, and even attachments.

Do you work on all types of computers and laptops?

For the most part yes. We work on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. However we have the right to refuse to work on any machine for any reason.

What qualifies Raptor PCS to work on computers?

At Raptor PCS we continue to keep getting educated on all of the latest virus threats and news. All of our employees have a total of at least four years of computer service skills.

What is a router?

It's a device that moves data packets threw your network. Your router is connected to at least two networks, usually two WANs (Wide Area Network) or a LAN (Local Area Network) and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) network. Your router is located at gateways (the area where two or more of your networks connect.)

Does Raptor PCS warranty their work for services performed?

Yes, we have a 30 day guarantee for all the work we perform. We can't test everything like games and programs so if something does not work right please stop back in and we will do everything in our power to get it fixed. The only thing Raptor PCS does not guarantee is reinfections, if a client says we missed a virus we will recheck the computer and pull the date off the computer infection to see if something was missed. If it turns out the client picked up the virus after they picked up there would be another $70 charge.

How can I protect my data?

More now than ever it's important to back up your data. With all the encryption viruses going on you will want to protect all of your important information. The best way to do this is online storage (the cloud). You may backup your information to a storage device like a flash drive or a external Hard Drive but if your device is plugged in when you are infected it can corrupt all of the information on the drive. If it's backed up to the cloud you will be able to restore everything that you saved on the web. Some online storage sites are Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive to name just a few.

What is a Hard Drive?

It's a self-contained storage drive that has a read-write mechanism.

What is a reinstall?

A reinstall is reloading your computer from scratch. (Like when you first bought it). On a reinstall we can back up your personal information but NOT your programs.

I have antivirus protection, so I cannot get a virus

This is a false statement. True your antivirus protection is there to protect you but there is nothing on the market that is 100%, if you get infected with a virus before your Antivirus provider makes a patch it will miss it and it will load itself onto your computer, even running virus scans most viruses can avoid detection if there already on your computer.

How long before I get my computer back?

We usually get your computer back to you within a day or two (excluding weekends) if we have all the parts on hand. We do have same day service available please call 701-772-7626 for details.