Computer Service Rates

  1. In Store Service Fees:
    $70.00 "Flat Fee (Normally we have a next day turn-around)"
    $120.00 ($150 Weekend) Guaranteed Same Day (In Most Cases)
    $80.00 Hourly for Elevated and Advanced Diagnostics
    $90 Mac Diag. (Hardware), $70 (Software)
  2. Other In-Store Service Fees:
    $5.00 Per Software Installation Fee
    $20.00 Pickup and Delivery
    $20.00 Data Backup Fee (When done in conjunction with a Service Fee)
    $70.00 Data Backup Fee (When there is no service rendered at the same time)
    $150.00 LAPTOP PLUGS (or anytime we need to solder)
    $60 an Hour for Data Recovery
    Cell Phone/Ipod/Ipad: $30 (minimum charge), case by case basis, price various on problem.
  3. On-Site Service Fees:
    $70.00 Hourly + $20 Service Charge For House Calls
    $80.00 + $20 Service Charge Hourly For Office or Business Calls
    $125.00 + $20 Service Charge Hourly For After Shop Hours And Weekends
  4. New Computers/Laptops:
    New Asus Laptop: Start at $599 with a 1 year accidental warranty, and free data transfer.
    Custom Desktops: Start at $599, with a 2 year parts and labor warranty, and free data transfer.